Let Us Help You Develop

We are a full service IT company. In our 30 years, we have learned how to keep business computer systems running smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on what you do. Our goal is to make the computers themselves an afterthought. Services range from fixing a small workstation issue to replacing an outdated server, along with everything in between.

Network Administration

  • On-Site Support

  • Remote Support

  • Phone Support

  • Hardware Repairs

  • Managed Services

  • Documentation

  • Routine Maintenance plans

  • Router & Switch upgrades

  • ISP changes

  • Cabling testing, repairs, cleanups

Managed IT Services

  • Server & PC Management

  • IT Help Desk

  • IT Support

  • IT Strategy

  • Server Backup

Server Repairs and Upgrades

  • Speed up slow systems

  • Eliminate endless reboots and loss of services

  • Clean up free space

  • Manage Hard Drives

  • Keep your data protected and in order

Backup and Disaster Planning

  • Plan for complete backups

  • Follow best current practices

  • Maintain results on your own or with our help

  • Have multiple copies of data on your site, in the cloud, and off-site

  • Know what is being backed up, how, and why

  • Test for recovery of files

Workstation Repairs and Upgrades

  • Speed up slow Workstations

  • Clean off Viruses and Popups

  • Support applications

  • Keep updates installed

  • Keep virus protection running

Security and Virus Protection

  • Keep virus software up to date and current

  • Compliance with HIPAA

  • Managed Security Services

  • Threats from Hacking, Floods, Fires, and Viruses


  • Office 365

  • Cloud Hosted Email

  • Web Access

  • Smart Phone Access

  • Spam and Junk filtering

Internet Connectivity

  • Choosing a Vendor

  • Upgrade or Change your ISP

  • Test the quality of ISP performance (Slow Internet)

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Servers

  • Cloud Backup & Recovery

  • Cloud Business Continuity

  • Cloud Hosted Exchange

  • Cloud Case Studies

Copier, Scanner and Printer Support

  • Scan to Email

  • Print from everywhere

  • Higher speeds of printing

  • Print from all computers

Consulting and Projects

  • Upgrade Services

  • Network design services

  • Data protection

  • Server migration

  • ISP migrations

  • Adopt new technologies