3 Signs You Might Have A Computer Virus

No matter how new your computer is, it can still be a victim of random slowdowns and crashes. In most cases, the problem is relatively easy to fix. However, the problem might go deeper than just random, buggy performance. It's possible that your computer woes are the result of a nasty virus. 3 Signs You Might Have A Computer Virus If your computer shows these signs you might have a virus:

1. Seeing Pop-ups:Pop up ads litter your computer, try re-configuring your Browser or Run a scan with anti-spyware software to double check.

2. A virus might try to send out spam through your email account. It could take control of your Facebook or Twitter and send out spam, too. In almost all cases, it will include a link or attachment to the virus somewhere in the post.

3. You're locked out of your computer - You're surfing the Web when suddenly, a scary message appears saying you're locked out of your computer. It may claim to be from law enforcement or an anonymous blackmailer. But its probably a virus!

What's really happening is that a virus has blocked off your computer's most important features. The scam is trying to make you pony up some cash to get your computer back. That's why it's commonly called "ransomware."