Have You Considered Ebay As A Source Of Software?

Sometimes you need an oldie but a goodie…

Over the years, we have had a need for older outdated software and EBay has been the perfect solution in many cases. The benefits we see are the wide range of versions and ages available that have been the perfect fix when nearly every software vendor refuses to sell or support anything but the most recent version.

A little caution:

Littered amongst the legitimate software will be many illegal copies, bundle versions, disks without licenses etc. We have had to use strong “filters” and the occasional failure to get to the right piece. Typical EBay skills (ie: looking at the sellers rating and knowing exactly what software will work) are needed here.

Granite has helped execute these transactions and on a case by case basis so we choose the best path. In some cases, the risks are so high we ask customers to make the final decision and buy direct. In other cases, we can help to make the purchase. We recently made a purchase which went so badly we were reminded that EBay is a bit of “amateur hour” and our company has to describe and prepare our clients for possible chaos. However, prices can be so low we will consider buying multiple copies from multiple vendors.

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