3 Great Tips To Protecting Your Computer During A Thunderstorm!

#1 Unplug all cords connecting your computer to the wall before the thunderstorm begins.

Unplugging before the thunderstorm is ideal, but it may be the case that you are not near your computer when the storm is threatening. Fear not, there are other preventative measures.

#2 Use a surge protector. This is not to be confused with a power strip. A surge protector will look like a bulky power strip. When your home receives a power spike, the surge protector blocks the spike and keeps most impact away from the outlets. A surge protector can only do so much and the largest events like lightning strikes can pass through any device and even through the air to strike equipment.

#3 Make sure you’re buying a good surge protector. Brands like APC and Tripp-Lite have a wide range of products and their reputation has remained good for many years.

Granite Computer Solutions can help review your power configuration. Our inspections have brought forward situations where sensitive equipment is not attached to protection, alarms remain unconfigured and cases where there is unsufficient protection. Please give us a call to assist. Some clients can qualify for a free assessment as well.