Must Haves On Your Business Workstation

When it comes to business workstations, you want yours to be running at tip top shape at all times and to be prepared for those big bumps in the roads. Here are a few must haves when setting up your new workstations.

1. Anti - Virus

To keep your computer safe from malicious viruses infecting your workstation and corrupting any kind of data

2. Backup

Make sure all your documents are backed up regularly in case you lose any kind of document(s) somehow or even just to save room on your computer

3. Windows Updates

This is already included in your workstation, the importance is that the user makes sure to keep the workstations up to date. Check your windows updates periodically to make sure everything is up to date.

4. Maintenance Programs / Monitoring Agent

Maintenance programs is a program that monitors your computer to make sure everything is running smoothly. They're helpful to show what is wrong early on so you don't have last minute scares.