GCS Tech Tip #450: WAP

Think about the separate Wireless Access Point rather than the more common Wireless Router. Very often you see retail quality wireless access integrated into the router and firewall, as a result they seem to stay on the site too long and their signal strength is low. The price is right but the service is poor!

Wireless routers have come to mean the fully integrated product and Wireless Access Point describes the dedicated Wireless Point we prefer and think will provide a better experience. By separating them we see better troubleshooting, ease of conflict configuration and we see a natural retirement at the end of the products life. Why do we prefer them?

Placement – separate access points can be installed wherever signal is better rather than wherever the signal enters the building (like a Wireless router).

Configuration – Access Points have been easier to configure as the menus and settings are separate and easier to determine their purpose

Signal Strength – They really have proven to have better signal strength, range and coverage.

Reliability – Also by being separate we see higher reliability!

Ease of Upgrade – Another advantage to the Wireless Access Point is the ease of replacing and growing the router features separately from the wireless features because wireless improves much more rapidly and can prove to be a better upgrade separate from the router features.

We at Granite like to see a separate wireless access point !