What Is An Image Backup?

Image backups, also known as Windows Image Backups or Windows Server Backup, is a backup of the full hard drive from the block level. It includes a backup of the operating system, all your installed programs AND all the files created with those programs.

Image backups are extremely beneficial because they allow it so that if anything were to happen to your hard drive or device, you can plug in the image backup into your new device and everything will be backed up to the state of the last backup. They’re a form of full / complete restore.

They differ from normal backups because normal backups, such as cloud or external HDD, only backup your files from the libraries, such as your music, photos and documents.

It is extremely beneficial to have, especially in cases where your system becomes corrupted in some way and you need your data ASAP. If you don't already have an image backup, contact us and we will gladly set one up for you. It is a quick and easy process and will not cause any downtime.