Desktop VS Laptop

Planning on getting a new computer? I bet you’re wondering “Should I get a desktop or laptop?” Well wonder no more! Here’s a quick and simple guide to help you pick out the best computer for your needs!

Laptops are best for those who are always on the go or enjoy being mobile. They’re light weight and can range from as little as 8” to as big as 17” screens, making them your portable friend. You can use it for something simple as writing documents to creating a movie and as far as working on hard core architectural drafting. The downsides of a laptop though, because it’s so easily portable, it is more susceptible to damage and getting lost / stolen. It will be very important to have a nice laptop case to keep it safe. You will also have to deal with the limited battery life. Laptop battery life generally lasts from as little to an hour (possibly less depending on settings) to as long as 8+ hrs. However, if you’re always near a power outlet, it is not as big of a deal.

Desktops we recommend to anyone and everyone who is in the office and doesn’t need the mobility of the laptop. Desktops are more reliable, easier to repair and upgrade and are much cheaper for comparable hardware. They come in many different sizes and customization, down to the motherboard. The only downside to a desktop versus a laptop is that it’s not easily mobile and can be clunky, depending on the kind of desktop you are looking for / have.

Still unsure of which to go with? Contact us and we will assist you with picking out the best computer for your everyday needs.