Keeping Your Electronics Cool!

Summer is coming up and so is the hot weather, so be sure to keep your devices nice and cool!

Electronic devices are similar to humans in that they can overheat. It will be important to make sure that your devices are kept in a cool area at all times to avoid any damages.

It is strongly recommended by OpenXtra that server room temperatures do not go below 50°F (18°C) and should not exceed 82°F (50°C). The optimal temperature range is between 68°F and 71°F (34°C to 39°C).

For computers, the temperatures are a bit different. It is important that your room temperature is a reasonable temperature as it does affect the temperature of your computer. However a computer's operating temperature depends more so on the kind of processor you have. Different processors can run at different temperatures, some working up to as high as 130°F (98°C) operating temperature. The recommended temperature a computer should be operating at is between 77°F to 82° F (45°C to 50°C).

We also recommend to keep your devices out of long periods of direct sunlight as that can cause your electronics to heat up much faster and fry the circuit board.